International Award

I profumi di Boboli 2024

“the scent of love”

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Call for participation 2024


Cultural Association no profit I profumi di Boboli®
With the patronage of Comune di Firenze



in cooperation with
Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio
Libreria Gioberti – the Scent’s bookshop

The establishment of the Annual International Award I profumi di Boboli is meant to lead us to rediscover, through the olfactory world, how “creating” a scent is not only an art turned into trade, but an initiatory path to the knowledge of one self and the world, the discovery of a reality, hidden but unmistakable, perceptible through fragrances.

Creating a perfume is a challenge to oneself. It is an offer to share the path you have chosen and it is a path that breaks free off the bottle-shaped cage and becomes an experience, an opportunity of multiple development.

The award I profumi di Boboli, following the first edition, aims to foster the development of new sustainable processes and products, by promoting greater awareness of environmental issues amongst perfume creators. It encourages, mostly among passionate neophytes, the use of natural products.

THE THEME OF THE 2024 EDITION – “The scent of love”

The concept “The scent of love” targets a young unisex panel.
The entry must be original in the whole (the fragrance, the bottle, the package).
Each step of the creation must be hand-processed.
The entry must be submitted in a 30 ml bottle including a technical sheet of the perfume making technique.

When submitting the entry, participants agree that the promoting Body will use the idea for promotional and communicative purposes. Furthermore, participants will not expect any payment except the redemption of the final prize.

When applying, participants must submit a declaration stating that in case the entry product is registered and marketed, the bottle or the package must be printed on the following wording “INTERNATIONAL AWARD I PROFUMI DI BOBOLI 2024- The scent of love – Finalist or Winner“. The wording has a term of five years.

All entries remain the property of the Promoter, excluding the intellectual property rights as regulated by law and they may be exhibited and/or promoted by the Promoter.

The Prize is open to everyone: young artists, artisans and perfumers of Italian and foreign nationality.

Participation can be both individual and collective. For each group, a contact person must be appointed as the sole interlocutor with the Promoters of the Award.

Entries must be unreleased products designed specifically for the Award.

Participants are not allowed to take part in any other perfume contest for the current year 2023.


The the application form can be requested and/or collected from the secretariat of the Associazione I profumi di Boboli (Piazza Beccaria, 2 – 50121 Florence, Italy), it can be downloaded also on

The registration fee of € 45.00 (VAT is included) must be paid simultaneously with the submission of the application. The application form, duly completed, must be submitted to the secretariat of the Associazione I profumi di Boboli by fax, by e-mail or by hand no later than December 31 2024.

Entries in 30 ml vial must be delivered by January 30 2025 directly to the secretariat of the Associazione I profumi di Boboli, accompanied by the technical sheet: at the time of delivery, a mark will be placed on the bottle, on the card and on the application form.

The bottles and cards will be delivered directly to the President of the Jury solely during the plenary session: only at the time of the proclamation of the winner, the above mark will be paired and matched to the corresponding entry.

The evaluation of the entries, absolutely anonymous, is entrusted to a jury, chaired by Dr. Giovanni Di Massimo, owner of Antica Profumeria Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio. The Jury is composed of 14 members: 7 technical experts, 7 consumers of diversified targets.

The President of the Jury is entitled to vote only in the event of two entries coming joint first.
The Jury’s verdict is final.

The outcome of the evaluation will be announced in the press conference at the end of the evaluation plenary session which will take place in February 2025 in Florence, in Palazzo Vecchio.

The prize to be announced in the press conference presenting the winner, also the Jury Special Prize.
All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


Entries will be judged based on the evaluation of the release time and basic framework, on the entry correspondence to the fragrance pyramid described in the technical sheet and on the interpretation of the theme; on the suggestive feature, on the character and on its originality; on the making technique, on the quality of raw materials and on the clarity results.

The Commission may determine any sub-criteria before proceeding to the olfactory evaluation.

This announcement and the outcome of the award will be published on the website of I profumi di Boboli,, which reserves the right to make disclosure in the form and manner deemed most appropriate and opportune.

Under Article 6 paragraph 1 letter. a) of Presidential Decree 26/10/2010 430, this Prize is not considered public bid and, consequently, does not require ministerial approval.


Under Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 30.06.2003, n. 196, it should be noted that the personal data acquired will be used for the sole purpose of this announcement and of the relations connected to it. The Party enjoys the rights provided for in that legislation.

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